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Disassembly of screws :

Over time, the product sticks to the screws and it is difficult to remove the screws from the shafts without damages. We have solution in our workshop to do this operation properly. You just have to send us the shafts with their screws and we will remove them. We will clean the screws and shafts and will send you a report of the wear of screws. You decide what to do. We install the new screws… and resend the screws monted on the shafts with the OEM thightening torque.

Your maintenance departement win time to do another job…

Retrofit and second-hand equipements :

You have an old extruder and want to upgrade it, we have the solution. Our team are entitled to rebuilt your extruder from painting of the frame to the installation of a new electrical cabinet.

You have a project to buy a new extruder and don’t have the budget. Let us know about your request, we probably have the answer. We buy very often second-hand extruder in very good working condition. We will do the configuration of the extruder according to your project.

Audit and consulting :

New project :

Our experts in extrusion are at your service to assist you in your project.
Thanks to his experience, Mervelet knows all extrusion technologies. By virtue of its independence, we will give the best expertise in your project confidentially.
We can support you from the raw material feeding to the packing according to the standards HACCP, ISO14001

Process :

You want to do a new product, improve the recipe and the production costs…

Mervelet is 50 years of expertise and innovation, we probably have your answer
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